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Footprint Cards

One of the hardest parts of having your newborn in the NICU is having to leave the hospital without your baby. These footprint cards provide families with a special keepsake to take a part of their child home with them until they are released from the hospital.

Little Rays of

Little Rays of Sunshine  are just what they say. The essentials that a parent needs to get through that unexpected hospital stay. We provide each of the 5 Pittsburgh area NICU's with these toiletry kits that include the essential supplies to get a parent through at least a 3 day stay.

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Monetary Gifts
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There are many expenses that others don't think about when it comes to having a child with a long term illness, gas, parking, turnpike fares, food, time away from work, etc.  We offer monetary gifts to help ease that financial burden so families can concentrate on taking care of their child.
Our mission is to provide support to families with children who have long term illnesses. Providing daily essentials to help lessen the burden of extended medical treatments. We also provide financial support to families that have to deal with the loss of a child